Get your brand out there!

Is your business looking for a cost-effective, unique way to stand out in a competitive market?

Look no further! With branded neoprene coolers, you can cover any shaped bottle or can with your logo and message.

Not only is this a long-lasting form of advertising, but it also makes for a useful and appealing gift that your customers and clients won't forget.

Our Frosty custom neoprene is also perfect for curio stores and tourist shops.

As an affordable impulse purchase, it's sure to catch the eye of tourists looking to keep their drinks cool in the African heat. So why wait?

Place your order today and start spreading the word about your business with these stylish coolers.


Professional printing and manufacture of quality 4mm neoprene cooler sleeves.

We assist with concept and design. Choose your shape and size to customise. Your branded cooler sleeves will be unforgettable and keep clients coming back for more.