"The test against our rivals from OZ has come and gone."

Written by Neil Jardine - October 02 2013


Neil Duffy
October 09 2013

I’d add only one thing. Much of the Aussie possession was generously provided by the aimless, inaccurate and unnecessary kicking of the Boks.

Kingsley Went
October 05 2013

I agree about the yellow card suggestion – I would not have vd Merwe in my team after that stupidity. And I don’t think Nick Mallet is that far wrong about aus – they’re not great.

We will never know how good our backline is until we have a fly half who starts closer to the gain line and / or shows a remote interest in running. Defenders don’t even look at him, but just move across and crowd the mid-field. Even the swing pass won’t work 10 mt back.

I have not seen the stat but it seems to me that we fail to recover the ball after a close quarter kick far more than we recover it ?

With all that possession and territory in the first half we still could not score after 18 mins – was it because SA continue to look for contact with the ball rather than the “gap” for the off-load ? Is it ( my previous week’s comment) that we lack the skills to play the close ball game ? I know what I think.

And we will not control a game until we keep possession – if we are not kicking it (most likely) we are dropping it, passing badly, falling over or turning the ball over. Aus revived because we gave them the ball and with Genia they developed momentum by holding on to it, we could not get momentum because we did not keep the ball.

Currie Cup games have been great – more running in one game than we did in a season (especially if a certain well known fly half was around !)

Looking forward to Saturday . Enjoy

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